I haven’t been here in a long time…

I tend to start these diary blogs and then lose the login information.  Pathetic.  There are many ways that I am organized, but on the computer, not so much.

I am learning to do Nalbinding.  I became interested in it a number of years ago, but Autumn learned just recently and she taught me how to do the Oslo Stitch. I am trying to make a hat from some Lopi wool that I bought at Goodwill last year very cheaply.  It is fun to do, and slow, but I am excited.  I can’t knit or crochet because of my arthritic hands.  I can still garden, cook, play piano, and now, maybe Nalbinding!IMG_0033

Off to Ron Bailiffs…

Lydia and Jim are spending part of the day with Ron, looking at his reloading set-up.  They also took along my stained glass window that came from Walter Ihme’s farm house.  They were going to the glass shop in town to see if they could get advice or help with packing it up for shipping.

Last night we went to the Church so Jim could attend his HPG leadership meeting and I could give Elder Linville an piano less.  Lydia got to see a few people there.  Some mistook her for Autumn.  🙂

It is just so nice having Lydia here.  After Jim’s meeting, we went to Home Depot in Seymour and bought packing boxes and bubble wrap for the grandmother clock.  She is going to ship that home, also.  I want Rick to have it.  He always liked it and I have no room for it here, so it may as well go to him now.  My mom would be so pleased with all of this.


Lydia is here!!

What a weekend we had!  Mark and Beth were moving from Idaho to North Carolina, with Lydia and Jason helping them drive.  Everyone stopped here, late, on Saturday night, and stayed until Monday morning.  On Sunday, after Church, (I had prepared a meal the day before that was warming in the oven) Autumn and her children came out, with their two dogs 🙂 and then Brianna came and also Dewayne Catterton, Jason’s friend, came a little later.  We ate lunch.  Lydia washed lots of dishes (bless her.)  Later, we went through 4 batches of homemade brownies, some blueberry smoothies, popcorn, and after Brianna and Dewayne, Autumn and crew (including Jay who showed up after work) left, then the kids made TOAST.  A LOT of toast!  It was a fabulous day.  Talk talk talk.  Some of us took a walk in the woods.  Carter crawled all over the floor and refused to nap at all.  He had a swell time.  The doggies came in and out.  It was great!  This will be a treasured memory!  So, then, Monday morning about 7, the 4 left and drove to North Carolina.  Then, last night, late, Lydia flew into Louisville and Jim picked her up.  They are both still asleep, as they were up half the night.  She will stay until Saturday.

There was a detour today!

Deb Cox had texted me yesterday and asked if I wanted to come pick grapes.  I didn’t get it until this morning when I went out for a walk.  Autumn, Harrison and Carter were coming for breakfast, so after all of that was over, Autumn and Carter and I went and picked the grapes.  We probably got a bushel full.  I spent most of the rest of the day taking care of them.  I now have 24 pints of grape juice canned. It was so nice of Deb to let me have them.